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Innocent Dick Girls
Innocent Dick Girls is a shemale cartoon site but its not like most others. Here they concentrate on a small cast of characters and they show them engaging in all sorts of incredibly naughty, slutty behavior. You can actually get to know the girls over the course of the shemale comics youll read and theres a darn good chance youll find them popping up in your dirty fantasies after youve seen enough of the hot animated galleries.

The members main page seems to list all the content on the site so it will take quite some time for all the images to load. After they do you can get to work browsing the shemale toon porn and its guaranteed to be a good time. They have a nice description for each set so you know exactly what youre getting into and those sample pictures should get you excited. If you want to get more specific theyve divided the tranny toon porn content into comics, pictures, Flash, sketches and video.

The comics section is the only one with a substantial amount of content. In the tranny toon pictures section they dont actually have photo galleries; its just one image when you click a link and while thats nice you could blow through them all in ten minutes if you were working quickly. Theres one Flash video, a handful of sketches that provide little in the way of arousal and only two videos to stream. All that stuff is nice but its so minimal that you cant justify the membership cost for it.

Its the shemale porn comics that make joining Innocent Dick Girls worthwhile. In them youll get to know the characters and chances are good youll become attached to them in some way. Theyre drawn to be incredibly beautiful, as youd expect, and they all have impressively big dicks that can do some real damage when they get inside a hot pussy. I like the hardcore shemale comics the best as theres really nothing finer than seeing a perfectly drawn shemale cock sliding into a tight pussy and fucking it hard. Theres some anal action too and the comics almost always feature good dialogue so you can really get into it. Even though the comic collection is large with 40+ galleries to look through its still not enough to warrant the $35 membership fee for more than a month. The high price is definitely this sites biggest weakness.
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T Cartoons
Its always hard to judge a toon site based on the tour. They usually throw a ton of sample pictures at you and then throw lots of text out to try and convince you to join. They talk about all the great stuff they have inside but theres no way of knowing until you get inside. T-Cartoons is no different but I have a username and password so I can take you into the members area to see if the content is what they claim it to be.

The members main page is largely populated with the most recent updates and I was pleased to discover that new shemale toon content is still being added regularly. Its basically every 5-10 days that something fresh and sexy is added and while they could certainly be quicker about it thats good enough for me. The site hasnt been around all that long, having launched in September 2008 (thats about five months ago) so the fact that theyve already built a pretty impressive collection of tranny toon smut is a very good sign.

The toon porn has been divided into three categories: shemale hentai, shemale comics and shemale cartoons. There are 20 galleries in the shemale hentai section and those are all drawn in the traditional Japanese anime style where the characters have the big eyes and the delicate features. The beautiful thing about all the art here is that the shemales are drawn perfectly, their bodies as feminine as you can imagine but they also have huge dicks that can fuck powerfully and shoot big loads of cum. Its like a dream come true for a shemale porn lover.

There are 81 shemale comics and theyre my favorite part of the site because they involve plot development more so than the other two sections. The art style varies greatly too so youre always going to have something new and exciting to appreciate. The full size images are 1000px and while that was big enough for me it might be too small for some of you on really high end setups. There are 20 shemale cartoons, the final category, and the artwork is pretty similar to the comics but there are no dialogue bubbles here. Its all just chicks with dicks messing around. Theres no bonus content so at $35/month T-Cartoons might be a little expensive. Thats up to you though. Youre getting a fair amount of animated tranny porn for that money.
Added: 25.12.2008Site Rating:#####Click Here To Visit Site!

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Innocent Dick Girls - Greatest Futanari comics presented to make you totally satisfied!

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